Hot or Not? (SciFi Mojo Edition)

Summer GlauSummer Glau has been a staple in SciFi shows for years. First picked up by a personal SciFi writer, Joss Whedon for an episode of Angel (still miss that show), then turning up on Serenity as some sort of catatonic super-killing babe dressed in tattered clothing. (Turns out, she does that REALLY well). She was recently a Terminator in the now-canceled Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles. In between those, she was a… catatonic super-killing badass chick on the USA channel’s The 4400.

Outside of that, not much else. However, she has this oddly intriguing and interesting face that looks a little squished, kinda, but not… displeasing. And then a killer body to make up for it. Say what you will about corsets and such, but you have to have a little something to boost up in the first place. And she has it in spades.

PLUS – she did play a Terminator. She had iron-skeleton face in a couple episodes, and that’s always cool.

I’m going with hot, if for no other reason than I’ve enjoyed her in everything I’ve seen her in – and… I just can’t stop looking at the face. It has some weird scifi mojo that keeps drawing me in… Maybe it’s because she doesn’t smile that much, if you Google her, she doesn’t smile THAT often… and I think I like that with her face… The smile makes her look a little more alien.

Anyway, I’m going with hot.

Summer Glau - Hot or Not?

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