2-Second Movie Review: SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE

slumdog-millionaire-fl-02We get it — being poor sucks and other countries have versions of American game shows.  But you know what?  This movie is pretty hot.  You’re definitely rooting for the main guy and you want him to win in the end.  I really did wonder for a while if he was gonna make it, and at one point thought — heck, if he doesn’t win, I’m done with movies for a while.  I thought the guy who played the police chief was pretty good, let’s throw him in a new Michael Mann movie one of these days as the expert FBI guy from the field office with the extra clues needed to flush out the mole, maybe give him a meaty role with someone like Bruce Greenwood.  All in all, it was worth Best Picture and I’ll probably watch bits of it again on TNT when I’m Swiffering on a Saturday.