Hot or Not? (Brit Edition)

hurley_450x481Over the super-long, much-needed weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of re-watching one of my favorite Guilty Pleasure movies. Bedazzled. The movie with Brendan Fraser as a “loser” who is longing after this chick that really – is kinda average, especially for San Francisco. He needs some special help, so, BOOM – the devil (in the form of Elizabeth Hurley) comes in, and offers all sorts of assistance.

Ok, enough about the movie plot – because it doesn’t matter. What DOES matter is that Harold Ramis created an environment that puts Elizabeth Hurley in EVERY SINGLE FANTASY outfit a guy could have wanted in 2000. School girl? Check. Bikini? Check. French Maid? Check. Cheerleader? Check. Business woman with sexy lingerie peeking out? Check.

Watching the movie, I think Elizabeth Hurley is just hot. Non stop throughout the movie. Not the best actress – but she fills out the outfits nice enough to make you appreciate the beauty God has put on this planet.

I’m gonna go with hot, and I am totally prepared for the Flame War (I just have this feeling that no one else thinks so, but I am ok to stand on this island alone. I’m planting a flag, and calling this my Iwo Jima.)

Elizabeth Hurley - Hot or Not?

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