A note for my Uncle Rocky:

should-you-forward-that-emailFirst off, yes. I do have an Uncle Rocky. He was, and always will be the cool uncle who rode a motorcycle, would toss you around the living room – throwing you on couches when you were younger, and had you convinced that he could turn into the Hulk if you got him angry enough. (On a side note, Uncle Rocky could also turn into the Hulk if he turned his class ring all the way around once, so you COULD stop the transformation. However, if you were unable to stop him, hiding under the living room coffee table was the best place to scurry yourself.)

Recently, Uncle Rocky discovered the “Forward” button on his email program. Since then, my life has been filled with an endless stream of half-naked, fully naked and painted-to-not-look-naked women AND Republican jokes. I do sometimes find it fascinating to see what the other side is promoting as their opinion of President Obama’s term so far (ie. Announcing that the the latest American mascot for the new budget should be a condom – I forget the punchline because… welll…. it’s forgettable, but I’m sure if you Google it, you’ll find something about it) AND all sorts of take on what it means to be “old” (something about an old person telling a young person to shut the F up, the only reason we have anything today is because of what the old people did… Google it).

From this point forward, I’m not telling Uncle Rocky (or rather, Aunt Sue, because I’m sure Uncle Rocky doesn’t read this site, but I’m pretty sure Aunt Sue does) to just refer to the attached image of whether or not an email should get forwarded. If Uncle Rocky is laughing at every joke email he’s getting – his tastes are getting watered down. Uncle Rocky, be like a fine connoisseur of the “Forward” – and email karma won’t such a bitch.

(Um, seriously though Uncle Rocky – keep forwarding the naked chick emails – but take my mom off the CC list, it’s kinda weird.)