terminatorsalvation_yelchin-thumb-550x350-11707If you’re reading this post, you ARE the resistance! This movie is hot, but I’m gonna wait to see it again on DVD and I probably won’t actually buy the DVD, I’ll by Transformers 2 instead (those who own Transformers movies on DVD don’t need to see them to know they’ll want to buy them on DVD). So here’s the deal — by the end of T-4 (which has a GREAT start) I was wondering if I was in a Back to the Future III moment again, watching earlier scenes from the franchise playing out exactly the same. The big motorcycle jump from T-2, the Terminator stuck in fire and then ice from T-2, the Terminator repeating the Call to John Now moment from T-2 in the same type of factory. I know some people call the addition of Guns and Roses’ You Could Be Mine in the soundtrack a cameo, but I see it as another Save The Clock Tower moment. Given, there are lots of reason to see T-4: the guy who plays Kyle Reese is Chekov in Star Trek and he’s great and I think we’d all like to see that guy in more kick ass movies. Christian Bale is an awesome John Connor. Common and Michael Ironside and the new bad guy are great and the bridge scene from the trailer is about 12 minutes long and is absolutely kick ass. And the resistance can’t decide when to attack and things aren’t as clear-cut as they might seem and there’s a great meaty scene between John Connor and Kyle Reese. I had fun watching the post-Judgement Day battles on opening weekend and seeing how Skynet makes the Terminators. If you’re a fan of hot blockbusters, see this NOW. If you have limited time for the summer movies, go see Star Trek and wait until T-4 hits USA.