The Answer to Your Question, Rush, is No

(And now for something a little more articulated)
090414_limbaugh_ap_297No, MSNBC cannot avoid mentioning your name for one month. That would be like the New York Times avoiding stories about Mayor Bloomberg or President Obama. It would be like WGN not covering the Cubs, or any newspaper or TV station failing to mention the terrorist attacks on 9/11, or the winner of the Super Bowl, or that Manny Ramirez tested positive for steroids. Because sadly, you are news. Right now, one of the biggest news stories is the utter failure of Republicans and Conservative extremist loud-mouth ballyhoos who pass themselves off as journalists to actually participate in, and contribute to, positive, constructive dialogue. We are currently a nation of one party. And that is not because the Dems control both houses of Congress and the White House. It is because Republicans and nonsense, conservative media outlets are more interested in fomenting rage and negativity and spreading false information and uninformed points of view and generally NOT stepping up to the important role journalism plays in our democratic process.

We could really use all brains on deck to help attack the problems we face – a range of ideas from both the political left and right. But instead, you are sitting this one out. You’ve sent unprofessional behavior and hatred as a proxy for constructive thinking and tough investigative reporting – or interviewing. So that is news. The news is that there are some real wingnut crackballs that have access to serious mainstream media airtime and they are spewing some volatile, cracker jack shit. Sometimes, as in when Glenn Beck was handed his ass by Whoopi Goldberg, it’s funny. But most of the time, it’s disgusting. And sad. Yet easy. Because you make our jobs, as writers and comedians easier. Did you see the Daily Show those first few days after the election? It was painful watching Jon Stewart try to be funny about Barack Obama. So in one sense, thank you. For providing us material, delivered on a platter to our doorstep, every single morning. It makes things easier for us.

But a major media personality has gone AWOL, been reincarnated as a Sith Lord, and is using the airwaves to incite near violence, wish failure upon our country and generally act like an a-hole. And that is news. You are not doing your job. Or, you’re at least not doing it well. Unless your job is to act like poo, then you’re doing great. But honestly, if there were a talk show hosted by poo, that too would be news. Because it would be amazing that a small pile of poo managed to get its own radio show. But more pleasant, because you can’t smell poo on radio, and poo can’t talk, so we wouldn’t have to listen to its bullshit.