Hot or Not? (We Watched Her Grow Up Edition)

christina-ricci-7Back when she was Wednesday, if anyone called her hot, they were considered a pedophile. Now she’s what? 47? Something like that? I feel like I’ve been watching Christina Ricci movies for the better part of my life, and then some.

Here’s a promo shot of her in some movie that’s coming out soon. Like next year or something. Doesn’t matter. All I can say is that she is Hot. The jet black hair, the lithe frame, the round face, the *ahem* bountiful bosom…. And what is that that she has on? A denim corset? In the immortal words of Peter Griffin, “C’monnnn.”

What is there not to like? Adam – I know you’re voting Hot, right? Who else?

Christina Ricci - Hot or Not?

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