American Idol: Season Wrap-Up


american-idol-022309l_0This was the first year I ever paid any attention to American Idol, and you know what? This show is a lot of fun. They take a bunch of singers and put ’em through the ringer and give them mentors like Randy Travis and Jamie Foxx and then they see if they have the goods win a huge contest where America votes for our next national rock star. I liked the judges, didn’t like that new judge Kara that much but I’m sure she’s still finding her footing, so let’s give her a shot, guys. I genuinely think that Adam Lambert is a true rock star. This guy holds his own with Kiss and he is ready for the prime time. I’ll take a pass on the regular dudes singing with the guitar and on the ladies trying to be like Pink. I’m probably gonna buy Adam Lambert’s album when it comes out just to kick-in my 15 bucks to support his career. I’m gonna suggest that they bring-in Rush to mentor someone next season — maybe a Prog Rock week with Rush, Yes and Genesis duets. I’m pretty sure the producers will be into that idea, I just have to track down their emails. Sidenote — that Ryan Seacrest is a star!