Should I get a cat?


My Mom’s getting a cat – see the guy at the top right who looks like he’s pissed at all the photography. That’s him. I’m all for other people getting cats. I’m a total cat guy, though really dumb dogs are fun too. I’m not in the market for a living thing to take care of, but look at his ridiculous little buddy, bottom right. How funny does he look? I kind of totally want him. But I kind of totally can’t in my apartment. But maybe after this lease I might move anyway, so maybe it’s like switching to AT&T so that I can get an iPhone. Actually that was kind of a stupid plan, because now I sit here a year later with this shitty phone with a broken letter “a” forcing me to use an “@” instead in all my text messages. Which makes me look like a dude who dots his i’s with hearts.  Plus, if an iphone’s too expensive, what about something that needs shots? But still, look at him.

Should Adam get a cat?

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