Hot or Not? (Lostie Edition)

Elizabeth MitchellWhen Juliet first jumped on the scene – I was psyched. Finally, some eye candy that wasn’t Kate. Some fair-skin angel to grace the island that was worthwhile – and looked good in hand-to-hand combat in the middle of a rainstorm with Freckles.

Was she with Jack? Was she with Sawyer? Didn’t give a shit. She was as intelligent as Kate was impulsive, she was as relaxed and cunning as Kate was animated and brutish. Perfect foil.

She even had the pleasure of detonating a nuclear bomb. With a rock. Now that’s pretty awesome. I hesitate to call her “dead” – no one in Lost really dies…. right?! However, we will be seeing a lot less of her over the last season. Not such a bad thing, as she is playing, oddly enough, the “Juliet” role in the re-launch of sci-fi classic series “V” on ABC. She’s a co-leader of the resistance or something like that. So we’ll get to see more of her on TV.

But is she hot? She came on the scene as an alternative, and I fell for her, but after Googling for some images of her, I came across a couple shots that show up in the first 2 pages. If these show up in the first 2 pages – it means that either

  • A) you aren’t hot enough to have BETTER pictures show up first
  • B) you don’t look good in lingerie (which can mean immediate disqualification in hotness)

So. Hot or Not?

Elizabeth Mitchell - Hot or Not?

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