Catholics are Mad as Hell

Obama Notre DameThe idea of widespread, rampant, child abuse in the Catholic Church is clearly so painful for Catholics, that they can’t even bring themselves to protest at college campuses about it.

I understand this.┬áIt is a difficult issue to face, and must be dealt with in secrecy and in hiding. Which is why I’m so happy for Catholics that they can finally find catharsis in the issue of President Obama delivering the commencement address at Notre Dame. They are clearly bursting at the seams with anger over widespread, rampant child-abuse in the Church, and are lucky that they finally have another issue at which they can vent this pent up frustration. What a relief for them, to be so angry for so long about widespread, rampant child abuse in the church, and now to have the good fortune of finding another issue over which they can really make their anger public, even if it’s at something other than widespread, rampant child abuse in the church. Because it’s not good to keep that kind of anger bottled up.

I only hope for their sake, that a priest never fondles a fetus, because the utter confusion over whether to be publicly outraged or privately dismissive, might make their heads explode.