The internet is dumb

bitorrentI have a severe attack of conscience when it comes to illegally downloading anything…unless…it’s out of print – I mean really, what theatrical event does it take for Warners to release the Batman tv show on DVD as a cross-promotion? Batman Begins? No? Batman: Dark Knight? No? They’ll create a whole new anime movie, but you won’t release something you’ve had in the can since 1966?

I will also hit the torrent sites if I bought a movie on both VHS and DVD. I’ve paid my toll, and will skirt the law here perhaps just because I want to see some company claim that it is their right to have consumers buy every version of their product.

On a recent trip to a torrent site I typed in Star Wars. Did you know there are 2,000 people downloading Star Wars right now? WHO doesn’t have Star Wars? As much as they say piracy is robbing the industry, I really think it’s just a bunch of people who will take anything if the word “free” is before it. Would the million people who downloaded the Wolverine workprint have lined up opening weekend to pay full price or would they also have been happy with the copy of the guy holding the videocamera in the theatre and audibly asking his friend if he’d like a Twizzler?

Mark Hanner, our stage host during many of our past runs, used to say that if you gave away free anvil’s, people would line up and take five of them.