Southland, episode 105: “Two Gangs”

about-crewDo you watch this show but missed this episode a couple of weeks ago? If so, you’re in luck. I accidentally clicked on it over at Hulu late last night. It mostly played in another tab of my browser while I was replying to some email but here’s basically what happened:

There’s no cold open… The opening credits are kinda badass. Archival photos of LA police, criminals and crime scenes. The theme music is sort of a mix of Vangelis and the bagpipe music that plays at police funerals in movies like Blown Away.

So at first this cop swerves to miss another car and hits a light pole which knocks him unconscious and while he’s out, some gangbangers steal his gun.

So this cop calls two other cop buddies and is all “come help me find my gun, I can’t report this because I drove drunk before.”

And then the guy from That Thing You Do! is putting his badge on a belt-clip and talking to his wife about her blog. This part was really boring and then I remembered the voiceover from the promo I saw about a week ago that said “…from the executive producers of ER comes television’s next great drama.” which makes me think that the guy from That Thing You Do! is television’s next Anthony “also pretty good in Zodiac” Edwards and that his wife on the show probably has cancer.

Then all the cops are turning the gang territory upside down looking for that first cop’s gun. It’s basically a montage of a bunch of white actors practicing frisking techniques on a bunch of black actors who are good at scowling. Then there’s a scene with a fat black guy in a wheelchair who’s supposedly a gangbanger gone strait but is totally the guy they are gonna catch at the end of the episode.

Then Cuba Gooding Jr.’s wife from Jerry McGuire is a detective and she has trouble balancing work and life just like all the lady doctors on ER and Grey’s Anatomy. She’s talking to her mom, who is played by television legend Wise Old Black Woman. Then she leaves for work and catches some flasher guy and while she’s taking him in they are talking and she “learns something about herself” because there’s something noble about flasher guy or because he says something that makes her stare off in the distance REAL HARD.

Then there’s some more montages of white actors pretending to be cops and pretending to harrass black actors pretending to be gang members.

And see, I told you, it’s all the fat black guy in the wheelchair’s fault so they lock him up in the slammer.

And then finally the first cop is sitting there in the squad room having trouble with his computer because he’s old school and in walk Detectives Latino Street Cred and Bloated Teen Actor with a brown bag and it has the first cop’s gun in it even though they try and say something funny about it being lunch/food.

Other Episode Highlights:

  • In the ‘previously on Southland’ part, you see Kuato from Total Recall playing the police commissioner
  • Numerous boring hipster references to being stoned and “weed smoking”.
  • John Heard cameo