I’m not sure who does the marketing for Abercombie & Fitch…

But I’m pretty sure they are either perverts, pedophiles or idiots. Those are your only 3 choices.

First of all – I don’t even remember when I started getting the emails. They all of a sudden started appearing in my inbox, and because I’m lazy, I’ve never gotten around to unsubscribing. I blame myself for that.

However, if I had unsubscribed, I would have missed this little gem:


Best part is the subject of the email:

just as cool as my older sister

Notice the all lower caps of the subject? That immediately means my mom didn’t send me an email, so I should open it. Secondly – the pic confuses me. Is that a woman? I don’t think so, and if it is, why is she playing football topless? If it isn’t, then why is this dude as cool as my older sister?! And if I don’t have an older sister, what does it mean?! I spend more time trying to decipher the back story of this email that now I’m just pissed.

Can one of you Gen-Y cats out there explain this email to me, and what the brilliant A&F marketing team wanted me to take away from it? $5 to anyone who can explain this.

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