Hot or Not? (Chick w/a Race Car Edition)

danicasiSo here’s Danica Patrick. You probably know her from the Superbowl. She’s one of the girls that’s always threatening to get naked on TV for GoDaddy, and then the commercial shuts off with a Call to Action that says “Go To to see the rest of the commercial.” And then you go there, and it’s an ad for their awesome hosting, and a pic of Danica saying, “I use their sexy hosting too!” or some such crap.

I think it’s great that there’s a woman in Indy. I mean, we put a woman in space, why not on the racetrack? However – the question becomes, “Is she hot?” Personally, I think she’s average. If it weren’t for the fact that she can drive a car incredibly fast with fantastic precision, most people would not even notice her. She would have been kicked off within the first 4 weeks of America’s Next Top Model. Take away the driving, and you have the brunette you went to high school with.

Which – btw – I did go to school with some really hot brunettes. I mean, ok, she’s hot, but is she HOT? Like Top 5, drop everything, she comes knocking on your door in the middle of a Sunday afternoon, and you blatantly walk out on your girlfriend/wife to take a spin with Danica? And then show up on TMZ later that night?

Pass. I don’t think she’s hot enough to show up on TMZ with and have to deal with Sheila’s brothers and dad.

Danica Patrick - Hot or Not?

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