2 Second Movie Review: ANGELS & DEMONS

illuminati_artBased on a book of the same title, Angels & Demons is a great follow-up to The DaVinci Code, a big Hollywood thriller starring Tom Hanks, Gandalf and that girl from Amelie. But this time, there’s a new leading lady (who’s pretty much relegated to finding the antimatter bomb) — but not to worry, Ron Howard has assembled a crack team featuring Ewan McGregor and the main bad guy from the first X-Files movie and even Stellan Skarsgard who played Richter in Ronan. A highlight is seeing Chicagoan and Schadenfriend David Pasquesi roll with Tom Hanks’ posse through every scene as an Italian cop, plus there’s a good meaty scene between Tom Hanks and an assassin that’s not to be missed. Bottom line: if you can imagine what Angels & Demons is like, that’s exactly what it’s like — it’s fun and it’s set in Rome and it’s got some great twists and if Star Trek is sold-out, it’s well worth the parking validation.