Hot or Not? (JK Request Edition)

mariah_carey_07If you know anything about Justin, you know that he adores the music of Mariah Carey.

Me, I’m just into that body. But the face however… Well… ummm…. Not so much. I have to admit, her head has the same shape as Stewie from Family Guy. I think it’s the cheeks and in this picture, the hair helps with that image.

And talent? Well, that has never really been a necessity in the Hot or Not? category – so whether or not she can belt out a tune is not as important as can she pop out of that top. And to that I say, “Yay.”

The fact she’s a dimwit? Eh. The fact that in a meathead bar, if you put on her Christmas Album from the internet juxebox, you will bring the bar to a SCREECHING HALT? Awesome. The fact that the cover of that Christmas Album has her in a little Santa outfit, all red with white fur trim? SUPER awesome.

Overall, she’s no Sarah Michelle Gellar, not even a Lucy Lawless, but I would definitely put her over Elizabeth Banks

Mariah Carey - Hot or Not?

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