Did “DaVinci Code” really need a sequel?

angels_and_demonsI kinda feel like them making Angels and Demons – and calling it a sequel even though, technically, it’s the FIRST book with the Indiana Jones ripoff character – is just a bad idea. Here’s why:

The Roman Catholic church is not nearly as inherently interesting as people flying in spaceships, people with claws that extend from their hands, people who are fighting cyborgs and machines and defending human life, or, honestly, people named Hannah Montana.

Do you think Ron Howard and Tom Hanks are just kind of… phoning it in? I mean, sure, the previews make me believe that once again the Catholic church, and the Pope, are REALLY trying to cover something up. Something about the origin of human life, or something equally disturbing that really offended Dan Brown when he was growing up and now, instead of paying for therapy, he’s writing novels demonizing the church. And there’s a ton of things about the “dark past” of the Church that if people “found out” would bring it “crashing to the ground.”

Honestly, if the news that some priests like to fondle little altar boys didn’t bring the institution to it’s knees, I really don’t know what would.

Besides, anytime I hear anything regarding the Pope, I always think of this Family Guy clip:

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