Well, JJ Abrams has Popped the Hymen of Twin Towers Taboo.

If you are reading this, you are spoiled. Because you’ve already seen the pic of the WTC towers below.
fringe-nycAnyone watch Fringe? I do, and I’m glad I stuck through it. For awhile, it was mostly filled with “monster of the week” episodes that vaguely referred to something the characters kept calling “The Pattern.” Essentially, “The Pattern” was an excuse to have “Monster of the week” episodes.

But there’s just something about Anna Torv that makes me go, “I’ll give you one more week.” Well, her, and one of the “monsters of the week” was a rattlesnake/bear/wolf/stingray kinda contraption.

Turns out that there is more to Fringe than meets the eye. Started with teleportation (yeah, right); moved on to “Case of Benjamin Button-itis” (ok, whatever) then turned into watching this bald albino eat salty, hot pepper-y roast beef sandwiches. (I know, if you don’t watch, it doesn’t make sense. Hell, I watched, and I’m still not sure what it all means.) It has now turned into “there are parallel worlds.”

Yes. Parallel worlds. And this isn’t Star Trek. Oh wait. It IS. After moving the building of a spaceship to the fields of Iowa (still question that one – I went to school in Des Moines, and… not quite sure) – BUT – here is the first pop culture reference that includes the Twin Towers. Finally, JJ stands up to the terrorists and let them know that they haven’t won. At least, not in the Fringe parallel universe where Leonard Nimoy is a brilliant scientist. And the brilliant scientist from OUR world lost his son, and Pacey from Dawson’s Creek is his son from the OTHER world. *sigh*

What else are you going to do JJ? I guess I’ll find out tonight on the Lost season finale.