Is it me or do my co-workers just not get me??

office-space-milton-diorama1Here are a couple of jokes  I made during my last teleconference with my “team” both of which were met with dead silence.

First, the director of our department (our boss) mentioned how he wanted to engage a means of communicating with one another that is really cutting edge. One that that no other dept. in the company is currently using. Somebody in the group suggested iChat while another mentioned instant messaging. Both of these were kindly dismissed by our boss so I said:

“I know a guy who can get us a screaming deal on pagers”.

Nothing – crickets.

Second joke: While waiting for our boss we started conversing amongst ourselves. The topic was movies and specifically the movie Doubt with Philip Seymour Hoffman. Somebody said: “He’s such a great actor. He can play almost any role”.
To which I responded:

“Oh absolutely, He can play the fat guy. The sweaty guy. The guy with bad teeth. The guy with bad hair. The fat guy with bad teeth. The fat guy with bad teeth and bad hair. There is almost no limit to his range.”

Again, silence.

Granted, these aren’t hum-dingers but they hold their own, right?