Hot or Not? (She has a famous dad Edition)

bryce-dallas-howard_strapdown_picPersonally, I’m not that impressed with Ms. Howard. She does have the pre-requisite red hair (I have a thing for redheads. And blondes. And brunettes). However, I’ve been not that impressed with her on screen antics.

As a mermaid/fish/dream creature. As a blind woman who lives in 20th Century PA, but thinks it’s the 1600s. As the girl who originally stole Peter Parker’s heart. Eh.

Her REAL claim to fame is dad. And, to be fair, Richie Cunningham has some pretty good genes, and passed the better ones off to the girl (seriously, that could have been a MAJOR disaster. A progeny FAIL of biblical proportions) – but to be added to the pantheon of “hot”? I think not.

I know she does something or another in the new Terminator movie. Will that change my perspective? Probably not.

Bryce Dallas Howard - Hot or Not?

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