Quick, when I say Landshark what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Right, the Jimmy Buffet/Margaritaville Enterprise beer of the same name brewed by Anheuser Busch. I mean, what else would you think about?

Okay maybe you’re really hip and with it so you just happen to know that Landshark is the new name for the Miami Dolphin’s Stadium which just so happens to be in partnership with Jimmy Buffet/Margaritaville Enterprises.

But other than that, nothing else comes to mind, right. Nothing. Nothing at all.


And where the F**k does Jimmy Buffet get off making a beer called Landshark? How is that not copy righted? And why, at least, is there not this picture on the bottle? Really Jimmy? You think people AREN’T going to instantly recall one of the most simplistically inspired and hilarious sketches in the history of Saturday Night Live whenever they hear the name of your swill?

That’s like naming your company Vandelay Industries and expecting people not to think about Seinfeld.