Things that annoy me.

gax6999iBike messengers. And not for the normal reason that they blow off all traffic rules because they are morally superior on their aluminum/carbon-fiber frame bike and saving the Earth with their uber-empathetic consciousness caring. (However, I posit that these jokers just can’t afford to 1) hold down a real job and 2) can’t afford a car.)

No – it’s because in the last few days, for some karmic reason, I’ve been stuck behind these guys at Walgreen’s while they are picking up their Valtrex prescription; or the corner deli ordering their hummus and smelly cheese sandwich on organic bread; or even behind them at the ATM when they are arguing with the machine that they made a deposit of $37, and $25 of that SHOULD be available for withdrawl immediately – and EACH and EVERY TIME they are absolutely SHOCKED when they have to pull out their credit/debit card to make a payment/process a payment.

I get it. You are totally “streamlined” for flying down Ontario street. You wear pants that have no pockets because the extra fabric to make the pocket would slow you down. You wear tight clothes because you have these awesome thighs – AND you don’t want the pants to get stuck in the chain. That’s totally great for you.

Just be prepared when you reach the counter. Don’t wait until you hear the total before you take off your ginormous backpack that holds everything that doesn’t fit in your apartment, rummage through with a flashlight and compass just to find the huge-ass chain wallet to pull out the debit card to make your payment.

Personally – I don’t have time for that bullshit. Get over yourself, and be considerate. Is that too much to ask, or does Mother Earth hate it when you are considerate to those of us that drive a car?