2 second movie review: Star Trek

star-trekMovie: Star Trek (2009)
Starring: That Guy from Princess Diaries, Sylar, A Green Chick with Red Hair, That British Dude who isn’t Ricky Gervais

In a summer where everyone wants to love a movie as much as they loved The Dark Knight, Star Trek may just have the stones to fill that role. It stars a new guy as Kirk who’s surrounded with a ton of great actors that everybody loves including Harold from White Castle, Simon Pegg, Rohan rider Karl Urban and Sylar from Heroes. This movie rocked. Quick spoiler alert, it features a cameo by Winona Ryder and a great meaty scene between a young James T. Kirk and Bruce Greenwood, the guy who played Kennedy in 13 Days (Stephe made a great call that he was completely wasted in National Treasure 2). All that plus a slightly Hulked-out Eric Bana and a scene where you think that Kirk is really gonna drive that car over the cliff, and Bones who was easily my favorite character, plus Apple Store set designs and wicking uniforms from a futuristic REI. Sandy to Hollywood: ENERGIZE!