Schadenfreude. Schadenfreude.
Thanks 90′s

savingsilverman90sI finally saw Saving Silverman.

I like putting the word “finally” in front of every movie I tell people I’ve seen, so it sounds like they’ve been hassling me to finally see this awesome Jason Biggs movie. Or even more ridiculous when I tell people three days after it opened, that I’ve “finally” seen Wolverine. Dumb bit. Anyway, nineties comedies have now started to age. What shall we call the Nineties Comedies?

  • Post-Pie
  • Pre-patow
  • The Amanda Peet Years
  • In The Times of The Smashmouth Trailer
  • The Days of Wine and “Hey isn’t that the guy from High Fidelity?”
  • The Zahn Variations

I know Saving Silverman came out in 2001, but I don’t think comedies were able to escape the Nineties until Anchorman.

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  1. 54 mos ago

    I have a standing theory that every decade lasts approximately three years into the next. 1980 -1983 was really the end of the seventies, The nineties didn’t really start in any appreciable way until around ’93 or ’94, etc.

  2. 36 mos, 2 wks ago

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