van_gogh_bandagedAccording to a new book, Vincent Van Gogh, best known to me as the guy who cut his own ear off to impress what would have to be the late 19th Century Jodie Foster, may actually have have had his ear cut off with a fencing sword by Paul Gauguin, best known to me as the guy who might have cut Vincent Van Gogh’s ear off.

Curious, I consulted Wikipedia and found out something even more interesting than that. Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh killed himself in a field by holding a gun to his chest (more cry-for-help than I’m-done), and that, thinking he hadn’t hurt himself too badly, returned to his room where he bled to death over two days. Anyone who fears death – I pass on this story and sum it up with a Penn Jillette quote: “People are really really hard to kill.”

I ask that, moving forward, if asked about Vincent Van Gogh, that everyone reading this refer to Van Gogh as “that artist who shot himself and bled to death over two days.”

By the way, I also found out that Vincent did his most famous work at 36, coincidentally, I did a Randy the Redneck sketch at the Gallery Cabaret that was pret-ty good.