Back When They Knew How to Fake Spontaneity

Look, even if this was staged, rehearsed or otherwise planned it’s still great television. You watch this and you really get the feeling that something genuinely hilarious is happening – even if it wasn’t genuine.


Smashing eggs in each other’s pants? Come on, that’s funny. And if Conan or Jay tried this today it would just come off feeling staged. And Dave would never allow him self to have this much fun on camera. And Fallon would make it feel like a desperate attempt at whacky-ness.

Sure, Dom is trying a little too hard at the beginning what with the “Oh boy what am I about to do? Maybe I shouldn’t be doing this but I’m going to do it anyway” bit, but still it’s a good set up. And there is such energy in the room with the audience and the band. Yeah, Johnny might have been an ass but he did have a good show back in the day.