2-Second Movie Review: State of Play

state_of_playMovie: State of Play
Starring: Ben Affleck, Russel Crowe, the girl from Wedding Crashers and others.

State of Play is a “just okay” cinematic thriller starring Ben Affleck as a Congressman who has a big secret and Russell Crowe as his former college roommate and Washington Post columnist who also has a secret. It’s basically All The President’s Men dressed-up as Enemy of the State with a splash of influence from, yet again, any of the Bourne movies. Helen Mirren’s in this one, she’s got a fun turn as the paper’s editor including one meaty scene with the guy who played Crockett & Tubbs’ boss in the new Miami Vice. I think that guy was also in Collateral, and have decided that I like that dude and would like to see more of him onscreen. State of Play’s only truly unpredictable moment was the super hilarious scene with Jason Batemen, who was clearly directed to “be that Jason Bateman dickhead that America knows and loves.” Also stars the girl from Wedding Crashers as a blogger. Lots of obvious references to newspapers going out of business. Whatever. It was good, but only as a ramp-up for the Wolverine’s and Star Trek’s. To State of Play, I say State of PASS.