You have to admit, it’s an option.

rumsfeldI’ve been hearing a lot about torture since Obama had the legal opinions on the matter released a couple weeks ago, and it continues to bubble up, this week some 12 year old asked Condoleeza Rice about it. Since we know it was done and authorized (both denied at one time), a lot of the time frames have led the media to ask why torture would be employed if key information had already been gotten through normal interrogations in many instances. Many signs point to the Administration employing tactics designed to get false confessions to get someone to admit a link between Iraq & Al Queda (which they deny).

Since we can’t get into their brains and find out their actual motivation, we can’t dismiss that maybe they were doing it for Freedom and America and a dream of a world that only knows Peace, it has to remain an option until proven otherwise.

But you know what else has to remain an option? My theory that Donald Rumsfeld likes jacking off to people in pain. Like the Freedom argument, this too, can not be dismissed out of hand, it has to remain an option. Are their people that do that? Yes. Can we positively say that a lifetime of government service precludes one from wanting to jack off to someone in pain? No we cannot. That’s all I know.