Hot or Not? (Monkey-Hot Edition)

hbcYeah, so what if she was a monkey. She was the hottest monkey you’ve ever seen. On top of that – she was a crazy-evil foul-mouthed girlfriend of a schizophrenic. She’s also been a crazy-evil witch that kills kids and escaped from an asylum for crazy-evil witches. Oh – and then there’s the role in Terminator coming out this summer that has her as some sort of crazy-evil doctor that (spoiler alert) works for Skynet. And she’s also played the crazy-evil wife/lover of Johnny Depp and killed men looking for a haircut on Fleet Street.

Basically – HBC has got the market on “crazy-evil” cornered. And I don’t care if she’s got her her all wired out, colored gray and her face is as white as a freshly driven snow – I’m in.

If you aren’t – then it’s because your significant other is leaning over your shoulder and you have to click “not” so you don’t lose brownie points.

Helena Bonham-Carter - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - Period. (83%)
  • Not - Crazy does not equal Hot, and the sooner you learn this, the better the Hot or Nots will be. (17%)
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