Can you help settle something?

pizza-hut-double-roll-pieOk – so here’s the situation. My parents went away for a week’s vacation. This past weekend Sheila came to see me in Chicago instead of me flying out to Delaware – and it was a great time. A Schad Rent Party, lots of family time and some good, old fashioned husband-wife fighting. Seriously – we don’t get to do a lot of that – being all 800 miles away and living in different time zones – and it felt kinda good.

I’m a little embarrassed about the topic of the argument however. It wasn’t anything good like, “should we have kids yet,” or “how are we going to pay the mortgage,” or “does it really matter if you have an orgasm,” – it was “can you eat pizza after it has been out all night.”

Yeah. That was it. That was the debate. I cooked the pizza, I ate some, Sheila declined the previous night, so I put the leftovers in a Ziploc (after the pizza had cooled to room temp) and left it on the counter. My plan? Sounds like breakfast. Sheila’s plan? Throw that away or you are going to die.

So can you help settle the fight? I ended up throwing it away because A) Sheila is a lot tougher in fights like this than you think and B) the pizza wasn’t that good anyway. BUT – could I have eaten it?!

Can you eat pizza the next morning after being out all night?

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