So THAT’s what that was about?

[youtube][/youtube]It’s Wolverine week and that pretty much guarantees I’ve been obsessing about Superheroes all week. It doesn’t help that now streams Spider-Man 2 and Batman & Robin is now available on Netflix Now, they call it Netflix Instant, but I refuse to call it anything but “Netflix Now” because I can’t believe they missed the boat on such a catchy name. Please, use it until they change it.

And then there’s this PSA. Yesterday, primed to Superhero thoughts – the memory of watching this Batman PSA as a kid shot into my head like a bolt. I used to run into the room to catch this PSA just for a glimpse of Batman & Robin, which had been off the air for years and Batgirl, who was on precious few episodes of the 60’s show even when it ran when I was 5. Turns out it was about Equal Pay, which women were fully on their way to until Alicia Silverstone fucked it all up.

Why can’t I stop watching the 1997 Batman & Robin? I have a total obsession for what it plainly one of the shittiest movies ever made. I think the reason is: If they decided to remake the Adam West Batman as a $180million Summer event film, the 1997 Batman & Robin is exactly what it would look like. Try that mental exercise the next time it’s on. Plus, Christopher Nolan’s films have taken so much pressure off the originals to be good, they just don’t stand a chance, so I even hold the original to a low standard upon recent watchings. It’s now this totally old movie.