Swine Flu Update: Day 2.

250px-symptoms_of_swine_flusvgOk. Day 2 from when I started paying attention to it. So far, I have cut out all pork products from my diet. And I’ve stopped interacting with people who handle swine for a living.

I also wash my hands after touching the keyboard on my computer, and I watch House on USA. If anyone could come up with a cure for Swine Flu – it’s Dr. House. He’s so curmudgeonly and doesn’t get along with people, but he saves them – and THAT is his personality. CRAZY – I know.

And right now – I’m still not over the mysterious Kutner suicide. Speaking of which – how does everyone feel about CTB coming back on the scene? Personally – always liked her better than 13 – BUT – 13 had to stay because she had the whole bi-sexual thing going on. Glad House is going into the uncharted territory of “ghosts” and “hallucinations”.

*sigh* I guess I’ll start watching “Lie to Me”.