Hot or Not? (Lingerie Football Edition)

1229081231_m_lingerie_bowl5I guess I’m REALLY behind the times. Looks like there’s another sport in town, and it ain’t your father’s football.

Unless your dad subscribed to Playboy or Hustler, then, I guess this is EXACTLY his kind of football.

Anywhoo. Here we are. 2009, and we now, officially, have women throwing pigskin while wearing lace and faux fur and… well. That’s it. Lace and faux fur. Is this such a bad thing? Is this really the intersection of men’s passions summed up in one roughly 2 1/2 hour event? Does anyone know the rules? Does anyone care if there are rules? Will anyone watch if we all know, without a shred of a doubt, there will definitely be NO nips slipping or clothes being ripped off?

Let’s face – we watch football for the same reason we watch hockey – we know that there is a slight chance that someone is going to get seriously hurt. The kind of hurt that shows up at the end of Jerry Maguire. The kind that they play on Sportscenter every 7 minutes for 3 days.

Now, I don’t want the women to get hurt, but I do want that sense of danger. And pain is not danger for me when it comes to a team of women chasing other women wearing little less than a sundress. Almost being naked and rolling around in some sprinklers, or perhaps jello is dangerous enough. However, we ALL know, that ain’t gonna happen.

Oh – and the Chicago team? The “Chicago Bliss

Final verdict: The league may be filled with hot women, but the idea is a major fail, and not hot.

Lingerie Football - Hot or Not?

  • Not - It's gonna be like watching "Night Shift" on TBS - they take out all the good parts. (64%)
  • Hot - Girls. Lingerie. TV. Hot. (36%)
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