Well thank God for the “swine flu”

539wFinally something a little light-hearted to take our minds off of the troubling economy and “OtocMom”. Is it just me, or is this the closest thing to an epidmic we’ve seen since the Bird Flu. Or the Mad Cow Disease? I woke up Saturday morning, all ready to eat some bacon, and next thing I know, people – and pigs – are dropping like… swines with disease.

One thing that does not excite me about this current disease is the attitude I’m gonna start getting from all of my vegetarian friends. They’re gonna all pull out their little pedestals, and have a nice stand from the pulpit while I eat my non-bacon bacon cheeseburger.

All I do know is that lettuce does not equal pork chop. And, if everyday I’m risking death to eat that chop, then dammit, I know I’ve lived life to it’s fullest.