Hot or Not? (Geeks Rock Edition)

karibyron6**Updated with Poll**Anyone else out there watch MythBusters? I do. Pretty religiously. They cover just about anything, including some of the best Indiana Jones myths. They blow shit up real good, and have fun, sense of humor and get paid doing this.

From the first day Kari got on the scene, I have been in love from afar. She’s smart, creative – she does this “artist” thing (that’s what her personal site is all about) – which I guess is kinda nice, but let’s face it. If she hadn’t landed on MythBusters as an intern and now full-time Buster, she would be trying to sell little 8’x8′ doll dioramas on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. Not that she’s a bad artist – some of it is actually quite interesting – but let’s face it. You find a girl who knows how to wind 3/4″ C4 Plastique into a shaped charge, and wire it – that’s hot.

Plus – she’s a redhead, and not afraid to wear a bikini while shooting Shark Myths off the coast of Barbados.

Is there a way to give Hot +1? If so – I’d do it.

Kari Byron - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - Here's a myth she can bust (92%)
  • Not - Smart does not equal hot (8%)
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