Rules of Thumb: Movie Watchers Edition

gene_hackmanAdam’s post got me to thinking about some of the basic rules of thumb (truths) I have discovered after rating over 3000 titles on Netflix (suck it).

Let’s call Adam’s rule the Terrence Stamp of Approval, whereby any film featuring Terrence Stamp can’t be all that bad. As used in a sentence: I think Jeff Bridges has that Terrence Stamp of Approval.

After the jump (because I’m trying to learn how to build that into a post), learn why the man in the photo is so awesome.

The Hackman Factor – the factor by which any movie is made better by Gene Hackman’s participation in it. On a five star scale, he elevates something like the Royal Tenenbaum’s from 3 to 4. On a scale of one to ten, he bumps Crimson Tide up from about a seven to an eight or nine. Hackman also tends to have the Terrence Stamp of Approval.

The Allen Inconsistency – the phenomenon by which Woody Allen has made consistently alternating good and bad films since 1994’s Mighty Aphrodite. Whether you think Mighty Aphrodite is good or bad determines how you will feel about every successive film.

The Morgan Freeman Medal for Distinguished Voice Over Service – an award given to any film that seeks to class itself up or make it’s premise more plausible simply by having Freeman (or a Freeman wannabe like Hanks or Pitt) provide voice over narration. Special commedations available for documentary work.