Hot or Not? (Cougar Edition)

tv_land_the_cougar11Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to: The Cougar. I have no idea what her name is – all I know is that she is on a TV Land show called, un-ironically enough, “The Cougar.”

Now – just first glance, she’s hot. C’mon. Don’t try and tell me otherwise. Blonde, built, cute. What’s not to like?

(get ready for the storm)

3 kids. And it’s not the fact that she has 3 kids, it’s the fact that this woman is so damn selfish that she has decided to go on television to find a fuck buddy. Because that’s what that show is all about. It’s about a 45+ year old woman wanting to make out with 20-something studs with defined abs. But those poor kids – tomorrow at school, “Hey, I saw your mom in a bikini tongue-kissing some meathead jock.” Yikes. That sucks, and it sucks that she can’t see that for what it is. She wants to be able to shoot Cinemax-style porn.

Not hot.

The Cougar - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - She holds up this well at 45, she's gonna be good for a loooong time (53%)
  • Not - Selfish isn't hot ever. Plus, I don't like blondes. (47%)
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