2-Second Movie Review

sandy_reviewMovie: WALL-E
Starring: A bunch of robots all drawn with computers. And the voice of the Mac when you tell it to speak something.

Just saw WALL-E on On Demand and just absolutely loved it. Who knew you could tell such a great story through animation and such little dialogue. It’s a great metaphor about all of our trash — I’ve always wondered where all of your old pillows and shoes go. Plus — nice commentary on how fat everyone’s getting. 700 years into the future and nobody can walk because they’re all too fat. I liked Fred Willard as the President, and would like to approach the production team for an insight in their decision to use a practical image of Fred Willard over a graphics-Pixar version. I like it though. Lots of laughs, Jeff Garlin’s great as the captain and if you look closely, you’ll catch some sly references to 2001. Stay through the credits — they’re pretty clever and make you wonder why more movies don’t spend some time on some kick ass credit sequences.