Yay God 1, er Won, I mean…

garynumber1cToday I saw a license plate that said “Yay God 1.” I wasn’t immediately sure what it could have meant, but after some thinking, I have some ideas. It could have been like “Yay! God Won! People counted him/her down and out, but s/he came back and did it! If a half-footed kicker from New Orleans can kick a 63-yarder with two seconds left, then God can surely win!”

It might have been intended to inform us that God is #1 – sort of the license plate equivalent of a big foam hand. Which makes me think there may be a market for such a foam hand. How entrepreneurial would I be if I had 500 of those made and sold them outside of Willow Creek on a Sunday morning? The minister sure would be surprised that morning. Happily surprised, I bet. And I’d gross $5k.

Then I wondered why they didn’t just put “God is #1.” I realize it loses some punch without “Yay” but we would not be wondering right now what they meant.

Is it possible that they’re referring to God senior – like God the First, or God I? If so, who’s God the Second? Likely Jesus, right? But he’s not God the Second, nor even God at all. Regardless of where you are on the Divinity vs. Humanity debate of Jesus, we can all likely agree that Jesus is Jesus, whether Lord and Savior or just the messenger, he’s not quite actually God. In fact, to most people I know the Big J is more a social activist who got a little big for his britches. And we’re not even getting into the whole mess of the Matthew, Mark & Luke versions of Jesus vs. the Jesus of John’s book. F–k that noise.

I wonder if I’ll see that car again. It’s near the Starbucks I most regularly frequent, so it’s possible. If so, I’m going to get my cup o’ joe and go hide in the bushes to see who they are. I don’t see many born-agains except for on TV. What do they look like? Once I see them though, I’m totally going to start talking to them from the Bushes.