Hot or Not? (Earth Day Edition)

isabellarossellini-700385Oh Isabella, you environmental activist SLASH actress you!

You have kept me charmed over the years, so dearly in love with you from early appearances on “The Tracy Ullman Show” to “Death Becomes Her” (sue me, I like that movie. I’ll watch it ANYTIME it’s on TV. Even TNT.) Now, honestly, she doesn’t pop up that much for me. I never saw an episode of Chicago Hope (I think it’s canceled, right?). However, she was great on 30 Rock.

It’s the Italian accent, it’s the constant short hair, it’s the round face, and, recently, it’s her “Green Porno” series for the Sundance Channel. I’ll admit, it’s pretty weird seeing her playing the male, and having penises of all shapes and sizes – but when she talks about sex between animals, there’s a passion there.

I vote “Yes” to the environmental hottie, Isabella Rossellini. Hit the jump to see one of her “Green Pornos” – completely Safe For Work

Isabella Rossellini - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - Green, Orange, Yellow, she turns me blue (73%)
  • Not - Chubby-faced Italian better get back to Italy (27%)
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