Hot Or Not: Earth Day Edition

180px-leonardodicaprionov08I was told to post something about Earth Day, but I didn’t know what, as it is one of my least favorite holidays (no presents, no boozing, no thanks).  So I decided to run a Hot-Or-Not on an environmentally conscientious actor and Leonardo DiCaprio turned up first on my google search for green celebs.

This one is easy for me since I’ve always felt staunchly “not” about Leo.  I realize that this may be an unpopular opinion but even when he looked more like this I thought there was something too squinty and yet too feminine for my taste.   He is a great actor however but I’ve never seen him in a flick (no, not even “Titanic”) and was like “Mm hmm I want him to draw ME naked after doing a sprightly jig.”

But yes,  I will give him props for caring about the environment although really, people, that whole “green limo” thing about the 2007 Oscars: why couldn’t  all the celebs just get on one big hybrid bus instead?

Leonardo DiCaprio: Hot or Not?

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  • Hot (25%)
  • Hot at one point, but not now, which doesn't really count (17%)
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