Hot or Not? (9021-OH Edition)

jennie-garthOh Jennie. You were one-half the equation I watched 90210 back in the day. There was something nice and “girl-next-door” about her look. She was blonde, and cute. She didn’t try to be hot, she was hot.

Now – I don’t know what she’s done with her fame. She never made the jump to movies. Or if she did – YIKES. Beyond the role of Amanda Bynes older sister on the Nickelodeon-Friendly, “What I Like About You”.

However, I do know (because for some ungodly I still watch “Smallville” – the same station that brings us the new 90210) that she has made a… triumphant(?) return to TV as the same character she played 20 years ago. 20 years.

Does time have any bearing on Hotness? Does it detract? Does it add? What say you?

Jennie Garth - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - She never lost it. Whatever the zip - h-o-t. (100%)
  • Not - Maybe at one time, but it's time to pack her bags. (0%)
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