Thanks America.

Matthew Perry and Zac Efron.  Dicks.You just had to go out in droves to see “17 Again”. I know nothing about this movie, except that it stars one of the “Friends” and some dude named Zac Efron. (Ed. note: Claire, can you do a Zac Efron Hot or Not?) I can only assume from the unoriginal title that it’s like George Burns’ “18 Again”… Except… Different.

Whatever. All I know is that because you sheep just had to go out and see this, or weren’t strong enough to say no to your lady. (I bet the resulting sex for going to the movie wasn’t that good anyway) And now – now, the only thing that has come from this is the assurance that we will see more movies with Zac Efron and, possibly even worse, Matthew Perry. It was the #1 movie over the weekend, which means that everyone gets another shot.

Screw you. Next time, go see “Fast and Furious.”