Thank You, Spike TV.

1239127545437There was a time I was addicted to CSI (the original, Vegas one) – and Spike was THE SOURCE for reruns. (I started watching about 4 years too late). I have since stopped. In fact, for the longest time, I have completely forgotten that Spike was even a channel.

All that has changed in the short span of just a few hours.

Last night, I discovered an airing of “Zombie Strippers.” Ok Spike, I’m listening. What else you got? Sure enough, an ad for “Deadliest Warrior” comes on. What’s this you ask? They take the classical fighters of history (the Spartan, the Ninja, the Viking, etc.) and match them up against each other using technology and fake bodies and all sorts of “expert testimony” about which one would win.

Sold. Thanks Spike. Your marketing has worked, and I will be DVRing a ton of shit now. Thanks for giving me something to watch when I roll home from the Schadenfreude Rent Party at 2AM, and just need to chill out… (by the by – this week is Ninja vs. Spartan)