Hot or Not? (Square Pegs Edition)

sarah_jessica_parker-5714Time to open the hornet’s nest. I don’t find Sarah Jessica Parker the least bit hot. Attractive? Sure. Pretty smile? Ok. Hot? Not a chance.

And just to be clear, this has nothing to do with her role on SATC. That was a very profitable role for her, made her relevant for several years longer than she needed to be, and has secured her in the minds of women around the world as a “woman who wanted it all”. (or something like that)

She looks old. She has always looked old – even when she was wearing legwarmers in Square Pegs. When I look at her, there are two animals that pop into my head “horse” and “vulture”. And, I don’t know why she won’t do all “sexed up” shots. She will however, dress up in crazy makeup and fancy hair for Italian Vogue – because that’s cool. And to be fair, I tried finding a “sexy” shot of her so that she would be judged like all the others have. But, apparently, she doesn’t want to be viewed as a sex symbol, she wants to be judged on her talents.

And if that’s what she wants, that’s what she’ll get.

**Update – Most of the time, I just like seeing how the votes roll in, mainly because I could be swayed either way. However, this time – if you vote hot, please be man enough to admit it in the comments, and tell me why.**

Sarah Jessica Parker - Hot or Not?

  • Not - Pack your bags, it's time to move out of the City. (76%)
  • Hot - She IS the girl with it all! (24%)
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