Hot or Not? (I Guess She was on ER Edition)

linda-cardelliniI will only and forever know her as the hot Project Manager in “Grandma’s Boy.” And if you haven’t seen that movie, go out and do so right now. It’s full of stupid pot humor with a dash of video games and a karate-practicing, car-driving monkey.

Then someone told me she was in the Scooby-Doo movies as Thelma, the not-hot one that always wore the turtleneck, big glasses and was sure to get it on with Shaggy and offer Fred a couple of handies when no one else was looking. I was also made aware, by someone else entirely that she was in ER? Really? I guess I hadn’t watched a single episode of ER since I graduated college. I think that was a pre-requisite. I watched it because a bunch of the girls I knew watched it, so it was an excuse to get in their rooms on Thursday nights – but then, when it didn’t work like that in the real world, I just sorta gave up.

So here’s a chick, that if you take the time to go over her IMDB credits, you go, “Um. Ok. She apparently IS an actress.” Nothing jumps out as “Holy CRAP – that was her?!” or “Ew. That was heeerrrr.” So – here’s one that really could be based on looks alone. A resume bias just might not be in consideration! I know, right? Odd.

Of course, that assumes everyone else gave up on ER like I did 8 years ago…

Linda Cardellini - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - Who needs a career when your chest can photograph like THAT?! (81%)
  • Not - Eh. I've seen it. Been there, bought the T-Shirt. (19%)
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