What if she lost all the weight and it turned out that she didn’t have a pretty face?


Maybe I shouldn’t admit this openly but I’ can’t be the only guy who watches “The Biggest Loser” half wondering which one of the chicks on there will lose enough weight to end up hot enough to want to boink. Sadly this round of contestants aren’t holding much promise. And while we’re at it: What happen to Caroline Rhea? I kind of liked her as the host, especially due to the fact that she seemed to run counter to the contestants. I loved watching her gain weight each week while the contestants sweated and starved themselves. It was as if she was doing it on purpose. Taunting and teasing them. I used to imagine the producers having to pull her away from the Kraft services table after each commercial break as she yelled to the contestants: “Don’t nobody eat the last Snickers.”