Hot or Not? (The Thinking Girl’s Edition)

seth-rogen-l1The weird case of Seth Rogen is that his increasing fame is what helps create his notness.  Hear me out: simply as a secondary character in shows like “Freaks and Geeks,” he’d be a pudgy, funny smart guy who’s sensitive and smokes weed. That pretty much describes, plus or minus some variants, most of my male friends, and pretty much what every friend of mine looks for in a guy (plus employment).  Ergo, charming, endearing, cute…I guess, sure, hot! However, now that he’s super-famous, I feel the need to hold Rogen up to much higher, superficial standards than before.  Guys don’t take a look at Beth Ditto and go “Ooh she’s so talented and edgy and hot in an unconventional way!”  And I’m refusing, on principle, to do the same with Rogen.  Were he a of lesser fame I’d cut him some more slack.  And don’t tell me that he’s lost weight because a.) he’s still kinda pudgy and b.) rumor has it he lost the weight thanks to coke, which we all know is an asshole-making drug and if Seth Rogen is a cokey asshole then he might as well not exist since we already have tons of those in H’wood, thank you very much.

Seth Rogen - Hot or Not?

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