Miss the Rent Party on Friday Night?

awgDon’t worry. Angry White Guy didn’t. And he’s in Chicago. I’m not going to toot our own horn or anything – I’ll save that for Mr. Hall. However, it’s not everyday he recommends a show, and doesn’t piss off the masses when he does. This is one of those rare occasions. The pretention of theatre is stripped away, and you are only left with:

Kaufman and Marshall are genuinely funny guys with Kaufman acting as snarky host and the scarily realistic Alderman Ed Bus and Marshal coming in as everyone from the group’s Grandma to Todd Voorhis, but the standout in any Scheddenfloyne show is the super funny Kate James. Her “Housewife of Bensenville” and “Crazy Lady on Division” and “Cock Noogie Activist” are some of the best laugh out loud moments of a night filled with funny bits and lots of loud drunk people. Kate never lets her character slip and always takes it just an inch too far. I love it.

Now, if you know Don Hall – you know that’s the equivalent to two thumbs up, 7 stars, 2 snaps in Z-formation and any other kind of goodness that comes short of saying, “Don’t fuckin’ miss this show.” Want to read the whole review? It’s here. (But we pulled the best part)

This Friday? Jesus, you better be there. It’s a full lasagna dinner, beatbox sensation Yuri Lane, one of the Walter E. Smithe Bros., stand-up sensation Ken Barnard, and, the biggest surprise? Adam Witt is coming back to town ladies and gentlemen. Oh – and it’s Sandy’s birthday, so don’t be a douche, and bring a present, OK? Pretend it’s Chuck E. Cheese, and your mom is going to pick you up in 3 hours, and you’ll have a tons of coins to play video games, but you need to bring a present and put it on the table. Cool?

See you at the Gallery Cabaret, 2020 N. Oakly, Dinner @ 8PM, Show @ 9PM, $10 Door, $0 Food (Lasagna Dinner!) and $2.50 Drink specials.